Self Cert Mortgage

The self cert or self certification mortgage was primarily devised as a means to allow self-employed people to get a mortgage to buy their own home. One of the fundamental aspects of any mortgage loan application process is being able to prove your income. This can present some difficulties for self-employed people. The idea behind this site is to give you good information about this type of mortgage loan.

Traditionally self-employed people have always been the beating heart of any economy yet when it comes to owning their own a home they may run into potential difficulties in terms of being able to prove their income that do not apply to somebody in paid employment. The basic concept of the self certification mortgage is that it is a device that allows mortgage lenders to put together a set of criteria that will allow them to give mortgage loans to self-employed people.

Apart from the self-employed, people who work on contract or are paid a large percentage of their income in bonuses or commissions have also traditionally been discriminated against by mortgage lenders. The self certification mortgage also allows these people to overcome the proof of income barrier to entry into the property market.

This site is for informational purposes and we’re not trying to directly sell you anything here. The primary purpose of this site is to give you solid information about self cert mortgages and how this financial product may be of use to you. Thank you very much for visiting and we really do hope that you find the site to be useful in your search for the right kind of mortgage to help you purchase your own home.